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Programme and Budget Committee Agenda Item 5: The Agency's Draft Budget Update for 2023

IAEA Board of Governors

Programme and Budget Committee

Agenda Item 5: The Agency’s Draft Budget Update for 2023


Thank you Chair

Australia acknowledges the increasing demands placed on the Agency and the associated need to ensure sufficient resources to deliver this crucial work.

Russia’s illegal, unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine has acutely added to this load.

Australia condemns Russia’s reckless actions in relation to Ukrainian nuclear facilities. We fully support the response to these threats to nuclear safety, security and safeguards being led by the IAEA through its Incident and Emergency Centre and Response Assistance Network.

Australia has pledged to provide financial support to this effort and has also offered a package of specialised equipment, including radiation detection equipment.

Despite our support and the support of many others, the Agency’s resources will continue to be stretched as a direct result of Russia’s actions. We would appreciate regular updates from the Agency on how it is accommodating these increased costs.


Australia is pleased to support the draft budget update.

It is important that sufficient funding is available to enable the Agency to carry out its vital functions – with particular emphasis on safeguards, but also across the major programs, including nuclear safety and security.

We acknowledge that long-term demand for the Agency’s services will only grow as the uptake of nuclear technology increases.

We appreciate the efforts, led by Director General Grossi, to improve the Secretariat’s efficiency in a sustainable manner, while continuing to meet its obligations.

Fiscal discipline remains crucial to ensure the Agency continues to deliver on its mandate within available resources.

Australia pays its assessed contributions in full and on time. We continue to urge all Member States to do likewise. Australia is pleased also to support a number of IAEA priority projects with extra-budgetary funding.

Thank you Chair.